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Introduction: The San Diego Afghan Refugees Aid Group (SDARAG) is formed as an exemplary model of concerned individuals coming together for a worthy cause. We are formed as a non-profit organization for charitable purposes. Our organization is comprised of individuals, who are passionate about giving back to their communities and helping the newly arrived refugee families living in San Diego, California.  


Mission: Provide essential services, tools and resources to refugees to ultimately lead to their independence and positive contributing members of society.  


Vision: Provide help as a premier relief organization, contributing to rebuilding and improving refugees' lives through access to community-based programs.  


Goal: The short-term goal of SDARAG is to address the immediate need of every Afghan refugee.  For the long-term goal, SDARAG's vision is to partner with local resettlement agencies and other grassroot organizations to alleviate social disparities among minority groups in San Diego.  In particular, focus will be on access to food, healthcare services and wellness programs.  


Strategies: Partner with like-minded supporters as well as similar grassroot organizations to achieve success in our short- and long-term goals.  


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